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Bert Scharffenberg
mobil: 0151 19136111


COLD//by is a young ambitious fashion label from the baltic sea. It's all about nice clothing, craftmanship and working hand in hand.

COLD//by was established in December 2012 by Juliane Borths, who has studied Fashion Design in Schwerin, Germany. The twenty-one year old designer started alone with an idea of a collection about Donnie Darko and ended up with a bunch of young people who are giving their sweat for this project. The label combines traditional craftmanship and the aim to create laid back and minimalistic fashion, especially classic collarshirts and sweaters.
The production of the garments takes place in a small studio within the heart of Rostock.

Music by:
Video by Bert Scharffenberg
Shoot on FS 700 with Set Optik 18-200